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Pooja’s Story

When for the first time Parth was mentioned to me, I took it as random discussion with my parents. A few months later when I actually met Parth, that’s almost 2 years back, I found him very uninteresting while our first meeting.

Parth and I have contrasting backgrounds, in terms of our bringing up and our ways of looking at life. So at first it was really difficult to understand him.

Gradually as we started our chats with each other, I discovered a part of him that was innocent, fun, notorious, adventurous, always excited to do something new.

Sometimes I felt that he was a bit reluctant in opening up to me. After a span of time, that feature fled off from between us. With time we became good friends. Now, everyday I was looking forward to talk to him and know him more. He had always made me feel important and special.

As the time passed, we became really close to each other, and finally I realized that he would be the one I would want to live my life with. The thing that I really liked about him was that he had solution to every query that my brain popped out.

In the course of time we had experienced many up and down mental and emotional situations and as we came out of them our relationship grew more beautiful. Still every time, when we meet I feel I get to know something new about him, so I am always looking forward to be with him.

Before this new-year we both had a lot of arguments, somehow we both just decided to stay calm and go with the flow, but on the very first day of this year he got me an unexpected new-year gift. That had a big teddy and he said, ”we won’t fight anymore, I promise and he (the teddy) will be the witness.” That seriously said stupid thing melted my heart.

I look forward to know, the person who became my best friend as my life partner. Have the tour of all aspects, happiness and sorrows, of my life ahead with him. Waiting to make more amazing memories with him.

There was something intensely romantic about Parth when I met him.

Parth’s Story

Pooja n me met 2 years ago, obviously through our parents. During our very first meeting only, I found that Pooja and I were so comfortable with each other. There was no hesitation and no awkwardness between us. It was like meeting your new college mates for the first time and getting very comfortable.

I was so glad after meeting her, because for the first time in my life I felt so comfortable while talking to a girl, whom I had met for the first time. I felt that way because Pooja made me felt so. This I can say because our first meeting lasted enough for two people who had met a few hours back.

Soon we became good friends, and as the time passed I started feeling happy and content in her company. Being with her always made me feel special about myself. Eventually I started falling for her and realized that she would be the one with whom I can actually spend the rest of my life.

Her presence is my habit now. Or in the other words loving and caring for her is my habit now. It is she who makes our relationship beautiful. Over the period of the small time, since we have known each other, she has always motivated me and has stood by me.

I love her and all those beautiful emotions and moments that she has brought to my life. I am excited about spending each day of my life with her and exploring all the highs and lows, failures and success as they come to us.

We will be most celebrated couple as your love is all to me dear Pooja, we celebrates our life as festival every day ….as long as u are with me…..

She was so cute, amazing and funny that I could not take my eyes off of her

Pooja & Parth


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